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    August 20, 2014
    12:00 - 1:01pm CDT  

two suspects are in custody. president has also spoken about the killing of the american journalist by islamic militants. first our top local stores that we have been covering cents yesterday. liven harvey with some exclusive video. the sheriff says the negotiations had a stalemate. as in my comments and there's a great deal of concern. the suspects were threatening me women and children. about 930 this morning the
decision was made to go in. we entered the first floor to the front door by taking the door down. once we have the first floor occupied. you are able to rapidly move off to the second floor and into the room where the hostages are being held. it will to get everybody down and security. they have not been harmed but the injury traumatized. the cook county sheriff describing the dramatic conclusion to the standoff no shots were fired in this whole process as police were able to bill in and free the hostages in taking into custody. hostages extremely frightened but on harmed. finding out that the additional way that they suspect gained entry into the home is what the ruse using
a lawn mower. more than 22 hours ago. the distraction that. attempting to create a robbery. and no shots were fired. finding no one of the police officers was in surgery at the hospital in oakland. we're told that he is in good condition. a police officer is ok. their six children involved and four of them were released in the overnight hours. the two children still in the home they were brought out of the house very threat and what they seem to be physically ok. new will continue to bring you more information and bring a full report on the news at 5:00 p.m.. >> obama spoke a few
moments ago from martha's vineyard the president's term, it's called the rocky militants cowardly and destined to fail. speaks for no religion. victims are overwhelmingly muslim. no faith teaches people to massacre innocent. but just got withstand for what they did yesterday and what they do every single day. no ideology of any value to human beings. the analogy is bankrupt. they may claim of expediency that there were with the united states or the west but the fact is the term < a firsthand offer them nothing but an endless slavery to an empty vision. the
president honoring him as well. he spent several years right here in chicago. live in hyde park with reaction to some of those who knew him. >> seems fully list only to expose suffering in areas of conflict. his courage epitomized the best of the profession. in video posted on tuesday james foley is seen kneeling in a desert next to a masked man. his real killer is america. he also said he wished he could have had hoped to see his family once again. >> the kind of person that the world means and that sure of lois and paints. his interest
at the time seemed to really be working with local people. spent time in the peace for america program. the executive director issued this statement. just a passionate employee dedicated about working with participants in doing what he could to turn lives around. someone with a lot of compassion. had a very strong sense of justice. his family in new hampshire have been waiting to hear his voice to receive any sign from him since he was adopted november 2012. after his images are the first sign of him since. the libyan
forces led him contactors family. this was different. his career included time in bed with troops in iraq and afghanistan. issued this statement lawfully whom he called a courageous reporter. trellis faced threats in many forms. the attack will barbaric. it was an attack on freedoms necessary in a civilized society. a beacon reminding us of the risks and placenta in shedding light. something horrible happens and everybody is running away from it. trellis or running to it. planning some sort of trivial memorial service for jim foley. the death
of a has impacted the entire northwestern community. live this afternoon. the attorney general has arrived in st. louis on his way to ferguson. a grand jury will begin hearing evidence in the shooting death of michael brown. the plane touched down in st. louis about one hour ago. a turning point was reached last night. protest remained mostly peaceful with no cocktails thrown or tear gas fired. 47 arrests were made after rocks and bottles of urine or thrown at police. other demonstrators have been aimed at the chief prosecutor. some feel cannot be objected because of his ties to the police department. >> voluntarily recuse yourself from this investigation. the people and african-american community to not have the confidence
matt you will be fair and impartial. >> can i guarantee any particular outcome on the investigation. we do not know where the investigation is going to end up. >> several members of the family has been cop's including his father was killed on the line of duty in 1964. these protests are disrupting life and school for thousands of students. the local school district has closed for the rest of the week. that prevents children from getting free breakfast and lunch is. 68 percent of the students qualify for those meals. local churches and community groups are organizing to feed the kids who might miss meals. planning for counselors to do with emotional issues. >> on suicide watch while being held for her mother's murder. no charges have been filed in the case. the couple has refused to talk to an indonesian lawyer. tests have
confirmed mac is pregnant. a police spokesman says if meccas convicted the baby will be born and may grow up in prison with its mother. the city has fired its police chief who is being sued by the family of a student who died last winter. died in february. the corner blamed it on hypothermia. found evidence of head trauma. the family sued the city for not conducting a proper investigation. the firing is a confidential matter. closer to deciding whether to run against mayor emmanuel next year. filed paperwork that allows her to start raising money. she says she's still holding off on making the final call on whether to
run. it is important for me to have things in place. i'm a teacher and i like to plan. i do not like to go in front of kids without a good lesson. >>, should tax dollars be spent? >> drawing mixed reviews. 800 registered voters asked whether dollars or should be used to build a presidential library in chicago. the orders were about evenly split. >> the producer george lucas plans to build his visual arts museum. the star wars nizam on the lakefront. 20
percent had said no. probably visit the lucas museum once it is open. 36 percent say probably not. the jackie robinson west all stars are one step closer to the championship game of the little league road series. beating a team from texas 6-1. will get a much-needed day off before returning to the field. the loser of tonight's game. the winner advances to the u.s. championship game. >> the texas governor speaks out after his book on corruption charges. a patient in the united states quarantined and united states quarantined and tested for ebola. fow
treating a patient who may have been exposed to kaiser permanente a medical center said this and blood samples to the cdc to rule out the presence of the virus. the latest outbreak has killed more than
1200 people in africa. concerns that the virus might spread to deny the state after the two american aid workers contracted the disease. there were evacuated in an atlanta. both are recovering. prompted the president to declare a curfew and the order security forces to quarantine. neighborhood missile to least 50,000 people. the fastest rising number of cases being reported in liberia. authorities have struggled to treat and isolate the sick in part because of widespread fear. the treatment centers are places where people go to die. so hut taken: from the house hunters. the military wing is a warning international airlines not to land the part. fluorescent lighting falling failed talks aimed at the
long-term truce. nearly 80 rockets were fired from israel. one rocket hit a home but no injuries were reported. officials in dozens a the text of injured 130. booked on abuse of power charges. accused of wrongfully threatening to veto a bill that would have funded a unit to investigate political corruption. rejected the legislation because the head of the net. claims his actions were proper and legal. >> i'm going to fight this injustice with every fiber of my being. we will prevail. the arraignment is set for friday. perry does not have to be
there. and now for ice cream afterwards. scheduled stops in iowa and hampshire and the next few weeks. >> dramatic rescues after monsoon like rain fell in arizona yesterday. presidents bracing for more storms. up to 5 in. fell. years worth of rain for parts of the state. interstates turned into parking lots. but the powers to thousands. mr. dozen people were arrested from cars and rooftops. no injuries reported. an official suggested entertainers they may have to pay to play for this year's super bowl halftime show >> we are in the kitchen with the chef at the four seasons.
if you want to sell marijuana legally you have to learn the rules. medical marijuana meeting is being held in the north side. live with details. >>, rather a permit recreational as well as medical his medical canada's only trying to get your hands on a taxi medallion for a piece of a casino. they're tough to come by. if you do get a piece of what it means you've hit the jackpot. the line of prospective licensees stretched down the hall. the student union and northeast and illinois university.
>> of the most restrictive programs in the country. there was the way to pass the legislation. designed it so it was strongly regulated program for the first four years as a pilot. >> very fair process. it being held in a room designed to hold 500. so that the entrance to get a license to get a license is extremely high. >> have a tremendous amount of experience not only in horticulture but in retell as well. >> stay will begin accepting applications from the public with last names beginning a eight-l. december and basse. the first prescription being awarded in the spring of next year. it is required that all patients of a
criminal background check. >> with those restrictions and makes an incredibly difficult for a patient with a debilitating illness to obtain a card. >> state officials estimate that the first year alone between 10-15,000 will become eligible to receive medical cannabis in illinois. >> >> stocks are a little higher this midday as investors await the release information from the latest meeting. the dow up about 49 points. >> the next performance of the super bowl halftime show is going to go to the highest bidder. the leak was narrowed down its options. they're asking those acts to pay an official in order to do the
show. macy's has agreed to a $650,000 settlement after malta or reports of racial profiling. an investigation was opened in february 2013 after complaints. 18 minority customers claimed to have been wrongfully did in between to thousands 7-2013. the company will adopt new policies on police access to security cameras. former campaign manager is taking charge of the new campaign against a taxing interest. selling policymakers on the benefits of the car service. has angered some taxi companies and challenge transportation laws. plans are running
communication the fruit is like a political race. the new lease for two years. reports apple hasn't missed a broker to scuttle or other possible locations only mag mile. >> the chicago cubs in giants nature we don't have [prof.burke]why is it smart to talk to farmers for your auto insurance? because we believe that doing things right is more important than just doing them fast. and...because we don't want you to miss out on things like accident forgiveness... ...where we forgive an accident every three years without raising your rates. talk to farmers and get the coverage you want,
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the bears have not decided if the new receiver will play in the third preseason game on friday. they moved practice indoors as today to prepare for the law the environment in seattle. if it will likely if be the final dress rehearsal for the starters. >> it is perfectly set up. his game through the preseason. we're trying to see where we are. if we're doing great we cannot get too big head. >> never got to
fill mr. game at wrigley. that is the second and two games. >> would have this in the middle of the fifth. a 15 minute downpour flooded the field and the grounds crew could not get the tarp down fast enough. the giants infielder killed a little time. after four by five hours the game was finally called at 115 this morning. since the did go five innings and is an official game and the cubs on winning. >> to solve a shot to left. first run in 18 games. 32nd of the season. down again in the sixth. jose gave up four runs on eight hits in the third straight loss. the
air grows missed his second straight day of practice for team usa. originally had a scheduled day off but reportedly had some soreness in his knees. rose still plans on playing in the exhibition game in the dominican republic. >> the warm-up continues. your full yoco
going to pop from time to time. any one of these could be heavy rain producers. examples of the blast appeared check out some of the photos from our viewers. this is pretty amazing. census the
spectacular lightning shot. looking north towards new buffalo mexican. enter cloud lightning. we track the storm. this is the one that created the rain delay. 57,000 ft. tall. another photographer. he took a picture of the storm over the life this little speck on the photo is one of last night in a towering canyon and the clouds. it gives you some idea of huge and the men's these storms are. the grip of that fact when we look at it from the ground. from hyde
park one of the towering thunderheads that produced last evening showers we're going to see more of these. the gold will intense enough and deep enough through the atmosphere. aulos temperatures to really take off. that was the scene from ground level. heavy rains and held their producing will be typical of these clusters. these things are forming on the apex of the northern french. half to underproducing held down state. muncie a
couple list of high clouds. this is an atmosphere. milliken get rain to come off best. ahoy about 30 percent of the area. when the rain continuously. reduces the rain chances. warm air aloft. later tonight you'll watch the cluster start developing right here like this one.
some big grain numbers coming off of our computer models. the quick 1- 2 in. of rain. >> he advisers are in effect. runs to sunday night. four consecutive 90s on the way in chicago. here's how that how verdun was going to develop. there is. a judge in that organizes the storms to the north and the rest of us. we can really get hot. 88 and kansas city. red areas nine degree heat and unseasonably cold weather thunderstorm.
hundred degree heat indices and orange. those expand up into our area during the day friday and saturday as well. hear the actual temperatures. you'll see the effects of the thunderstorms tomorrow. on friday we go into the '90s and began to the kind of pattern. >> in the lane organizing took to the north of us. the rain goes along with it. it is going to
be hot. looks like there is one of the high latitude blocking patterns up in the quebec province. another example of how women are taken impact or whether. that might slow the progress. warm and moderately humid today. any one of which could produce a downpour. high temperature 88. well in mid-80s at the beaches. more widespread storms late tonight and tomorrow morning. low temperature to 967. tomorrow clusters of storms. any one of which could produce cuss and downpours. not all the rain fall. that might even be a little mixed sunshine. the thunderstorms clear the area after the morning. 93 with a little like preschool in the beaches. 90s to
continue. some lakeside: possible over the weekend. it is going to be a real hot spell around here. mid-90s on saturday. he posted on that. >> understand 1833 the 23rd president benjamin harrison was born her republican national convention? republican national convention? >>fow
let's get started with our pick3
>>first winning number 6 >>
exclusive deal until our newsroom of the hostage standoff at harvey. sulfone video of what looks like some of the four remaining hostages being freed and one of the suspects being put into the squad car. standoff lasted nearly $20.
to get the drug were is needed most. researchers from the growth rate of cancer cells between the pillow and joe are similar. side effects like hot flashes from the gel wilwere lower. check the pinnacle of before you spread it on your neck sandwich. it could contain salmonella. >> to homemade pastas. this time with some pastas. this time with some ingredie this is charlie. his long day of doing it himself starts with back pain...
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we're making green city market kept a tally. >> proof organic tomatoes. the homemade italian sausage.
>> we will brown the sausage lightly in little pieces like this. >> this is a really neat machine a year from italy. about 35-$80 depending on the quality. it is really great. it goes right through. you're able to make beautiful little pasta shapes so quickly. >> it is just that easy. a kind of goes here like that. then that amount of time he already have one portion. moody's put this right here.
they just want to get a little bit of color on the sausage. we can add the garlic right here. a little bit of color of the garlic. like the flavor of toasted garlic as opposed to just cooked. >> and is always good to have a good amount of salt and your costa water as well. couric of our car wreck. it is important to hear the flavors as ago. it is going to taste salty. if you put in the beginning and it gets more homogenized into the dish itself. the water is not
cooperating here. hello that of white wine. that is going to be the pace for the sauce. beautiful to metals also. >> the flavors somewhere in the passed. a little bit more chilis fakchili flakes. to know to boil fresh pastas too long. >> the restaurant does well. a little bit of the costa water. the starch assaults and everything else.
basically you kind of want to reduce this and let it plays. a little bit of salt. a little bit of fresh lemon juice like that. i went to bed a little bit of room on appeared and is made with sheep's milk. it has a nice tangy flavor. >> you have that as opposed to doing it in the pan to let it melt a little bit. i forget to mention you can have this at the four seasons. >> i was not going to let you get away without telling people where they can go to have you make it for them. we put it right into the plate just like that. very nicely. you can see the barack route piquancy the sausage you can see everything else. the looks delicious.
>> at the four seasons hotel. 120 east delaware. find out more. you have this delicious recipe on our web site as well as a recipe on our web site as well as a link .rist
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>> answers are here in chicago. single lewis was the host city of the democratic convention. we are not getting out of the summer without a heat wave charliare we? >> there will be a new development. you can see as we look at the broad picture to the little eruptions of cloudiness. each of those is the cluster.
>> some formidable storms may come to the area. >> 84 midway 85 of barley. dew points are up there in the mid-60s. may have made 70 dew points this weekend which would be really muggy. the wind blowing briskly southwest. i was kind of a moderate level of humidity. >> i must mold count of the year. >> also reports ragweed pollen >> you expect the when you get the heat and humidity.
these are temperatures across the area. >> going to get a lot hotter. a string of mind is together. the wild card is any thunderstorm development. a warm layer of air aloft over the weekend as of may. >> he and this is will be approaching for either.look at the long term nature of this. this seems to be blocking pattern developing in northeast canada. there will slow the eastern progression. >> commission not >> commission not seen much.
how about that jelly doughnut? no jelly doughnut, i beg you. why can't parker make coffee like this? you do what you can. did bubba give you that kimbrough file? no. i guess i have to go through his desk. well, where is he? visiting his uncle efrem in birmingham. he has no uncle efrem in birmingham or anywhere else in the land of the living. of course not. it's a woman. again?